If you have bushes or a garden on your lawn, or you want to enhance the look of your property, mulch could be the perfect solution. Mulch is a material that is laid over soil for functional or decorative purposes. It’s often found surrounding bushes or laid across gardens, but the range of applications it has is quite broad. Let’s look at a few ways you might not have realized that mulch can improve your property.

1. Use Mulch to Accessorize Your Bushes or Plants

This is what most people immediately think about when it comes to home mulch. Various types of mulches are used around plants, but mulch suppliers keep lots of shredded wood and bark on hand since they’re the most commonly used types. Organic mulches help regulate soil temperature, prevent weed growth, and improve soil quality over time as it decomposes, all which are great benefits for your shrubbery and flower gardens.

2. Use Mulch to Build a Walkway

Mulch is a surprisingly good option for walkways to and from the home, around the garden, or to a shed, gazebo, or another isolated area of the property. It’s easy to install, and earthy colors like bark, grass, or shredded wood will enhance the natural look of a lawn or garden area. You also get more color variety without breaking the bank, and you can even create custom looks by mixing in other materials like stone.

3. Use Mulch to Build a Playground

You have many options when setting up a home play area for your kids. For example, you can leave it on natural grass or fill it with sand, but many don’t realize that mulch is also an excellent option. Use synthetic mulches to access more diverse colors, or you can go with a more natural look. Soft types like shredded engineered wood can be piled deep and cushion any tumbles your youngsters might have while at play, and without the risk of tracking sand back into the house.

These are just a few of the many ways mulch can enhance your home. For something so mundane on the surface, the world of mulch is quite expansive. It can be made from dozens of materials and has nearly as many different applications in landscaping. If you’re thinking about improving the outside of your home, check in with your area mulch suppliers and see if they can help.