What We Do

Our company is a new supplier of premium natural and dyed mulch.  How we differentiate from others is we only use processed trees, no outside materials go into our mulch.  We are now servicing all of Long Island Nassau/Suffolk counties.  Available for delivery or pick up directly from our yard to all wholesale/retail customers.

Here at We Supply Mulch Corp, we are the mulch suppliers for those in Brentwood, NY and surrounding areas. As your local mulch suppliers, we supply you with quality mulch to meet your needs. While the company is still considerably new, we are quite knowledgeable about the business. Tell us how much you need, and we will deliver it to you. We make it easy to beautify your area with our lovely product. We also have wood chips for your landscaping needs. If you take a ride around your neighborhood, you’ll see that mulch is a popular landscaping material. There are many reasons why you would use this material around your outdoor space. It’s an economical product, so when you need to cover a lot of space, this is an option that won’t break the budget. It comes in several different colors so it’s easy to incorporate into your outdoor color scheme. While these are some of the reasons why mulch is a great landscaping material, for aesthetic reasons, there are also reasons why your plants will thank you for having us make a delivery to your property and if you’d rather pick your mulch up yourself, that’s fine too.

Our Process

Young, tender plantings and trees are given a layer of protection when you place this around them. All plants benefit due to the water retention that mulching provides. When you water plants, much of the water washes away. It does not have the chance to sit long enough so that the roots can absorb it that changes when mulching is done. Now, you can see why we’re so popular around here. We have an inexpensive product that adds beauty and functionality to your outdoor space, and we deliver. For some, that might be reason enough to call us, but for us, it’s more about the excellent service, polite delivery drivers, and customer service that we assure you and that is hard to beat. Contact us for all your mulching needs, if you want the best service in the area. We also serve Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. We know that you’ll love our mulch, it’s high quality and made from trees, with no other material added in.