We are a Long Island local business providing our community premium mulch and local firewood. We are centrally located in Brentwood, NY to accommodate a convenient pickup or delivery on every order.

Welcome to We Supply

Here at We Supply Mulch Corp, we offer natural and dyed mulch and local firewood.  We differentiate from others by only use processed trees, no outside materials go into our mulch. Our firewood is always seasoned and bug free.

What We Do

We are now servicing all of Long Island.

  • Nassau County
  • Suffolk County
  • Queens County

Our firewood and mulch is available for delivery or pick up directly from our yard. We offer the most competitive pricing to all of our customers.


We Supply high quality mulch and firewood to meet all needs residential and commercial needs. While the company is still considerably new, we are quite knowledgeable about the business. 

All of our mulch and firewood has started as local trees from on Long Island. We used recycled local hardwoods to producs all of our mulch and firewood products. 

Tell us how much you need, and we will deliver it to you. Its that simple. 

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