We love providing you with valuable information about firewood, wood for cooking, and mulch through the articles in our blog. In 2019 we spent time focusing on the questions many of our customers ask us.

This year, we explored topics ranging from the size and weight of a cord of wood to what woods work best in a brick oven, and more.

With every article, we keep an eye on readership. We want to know what posts resonate with our audience so we can always be improving.

Based on user engagement, we’d like to share with you the most popular posts from 2019.

Firewood vs. Heating Oil – What is the right choice?

 Is it possible to reduce your overall fuel cost by only burning wood? Or is burning oil a better option? And what about the blended approach?
Read the article here.

Choosing the right wood for a brick oven

Cooking near open flame in a brick oven has to be one of the coolest ways to prepare food. Whether in the home or in a restaurant, these open wood-fired ovens cook in a way you just cannot get from a regular oven. Read the full article.

The B and M of Black Mulch Selection

If you’re part of a landscaping company or simply creating your own personal garden, then it may be important to learn about the different variations of mulch and how to use it, especially if you live in a hot, dry climate where water saving is key. Knowing this before starting to make a list of everything you need for your landscape supply will help you to make informed decisions. Read more here.

Long Island Mulch Delivery – How much mulch do I need?

Surprisingly, how much mulch you need in your yard varies from location to location across the US. Weather conditions and the change of seasons play a large role in determining how much mulch you need when ordering a bulk mulch delivery. Read the full article here

How much does a yard of mulch weigh?

Applying a bark mulch covering to your landscape areas and garden beds instantly adds beauty to the look of your yard or commercial property. Mulch, whether pine bark, cedar mulch, black mulch or other types of wood chips does more for your landscaping than just beautify it. Find the answer here…