Finding the Best Firewood

There is little that compares to the warm, inviting ambiance of a wood-burning stove. Possibly even more welcoming is the warmth, glow, and crackle of wood burning in a fireplace. Stoves and fireplaces are a standard fixture in many homes in Long Island and other areas of New York. People in the United States are fond of using seasoned firewood to heat their homes.

When the winter temperatures drop, demand for firewood across North America increases.

Whether you have a wood stove or fireplace, you might be wondering what type of wood is best to use. Regardless of the types of firewood you use, it’s essential to make sure it is seasoned wood.

Different Types of Firewood

There are quite a few varieties of firewood available. Wood produced throughout Long Island can be easily used as residential firewood. Among the most common types of wood are Oak and Ash.

Oak is what is known as a “hardwood” among the different wood types. It is popular because it grows in just about any location. The most significant benefit of oak firewood is that it can burn for a long time. That long burn time can produce more heat. Further, the long burn time is great for times when you need to keep a fire burning overnight. You should know that oak firewood is the slowest to season or dry in preparation for burning.

Ash is another popular firewood. This hardwood has a fantastic heat output. While it doesn’t burn as slowly as oak, many find the burn time to be comparable.

No matter which hardwood you choose, the characteristics of the wood will supply your home with a large amount of heat.

Once firewood is delivered, many people stack the wood and separate smaller pieces to be used for kindling. Kindling is used as a fire starter in fireplaces and stoves that have burned out.

Is there any Firewood to Avoid?

It is always recommended to use dry wood in your wood-burning stove or fireplace. This means that freshly cut, and unseasoned wood should be avoided. Because this wood is unseasoned, it has a high moisture content. This means that the wood will not burn well, if at all. Moreover, burning “green” wood increases your risk of a chimney fire.

Freshly cut wood also has a higher sap content, which will burn inefficiently and produce a “smokey” burn.

Our professionals will always be able to tell you when the wood was cut and for how long the wood has been seasoned.

How Can I Find Seasoned Firewood Near Me?

There are many organizations that sell firewood. We focus on selling firewood to residents that live near our business in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island.

Placing an order for firewood is easy. Call us at 631-586-5007, and we will help you determine how much wood you need. Then we can schedule delivery. Please let us know if you need help stacking. We can accommodate orders large and small. 

Before long, you will be sitting in the ambiance of a warm, inviting fire. Whether you use the firewood to heat your home and offset the cost of oil heat or you like to create a warm mood with a few logs burning in the fireplace, you’ll be glad knowing your seasoned firewood is a simple phone call away.