Did you know that firewood pickup is a thing? We’re not talking about grabbing three low-quality pieces somewhere on the side of the road. What firewood pickup means to us, and you is that you can come to our wood lot and we will load your vehicle with our seasoned firewood.

You can bring it home, unload it, and stack it yourself as your schedule allows.

Now, we recommend you bring a truck to pick up your firewood, but we have had some customers come in their cars. While a car does not have the capacity to carry a cord of firewood (the cord is much too heavy), we have been able to load a decent amount into a car trunk. But again, we’d recommend bringing a pickup truck.

Firewood Pickup services provide flexibility

One of the main reasons we offer firewood pickup service is to provide flexibility to our customers. Sure, firewood delivery works for many people, but it might not work for you. Your schedule might not allow for it or there might not be an easy place to unload delivered firewood. But when you pick it up yourself, you have the flexibility of getting the firewood when you want and unloading it on your schedule.

Being able to pick up your firewood adds convenience

In addition to the flexibility offered from firewood pickup, there is also added convenience. Many people are ambitious do-it-yourself types and like being a part of their home projects, including getting firewood.

We offer convenient hours and the ability to call ahead so we can select the perfect firewood for your needs. Whether you want aged, seasoned cordwood, or some amazing kiln-dried firewood, we have the supply to fit what works best for you.

How can I pick up my own firewood?

The process is simple. We always recommend getting in touch with us first. So, call one of our firewood specialists and let them know that you’d like to do a firewood pickup. They will work with you to let you know the time firewood pickup is available and also determine the right firewood for you.

Once you have the schedule and type of wood, simply come by and we’ll load the wood into your vehicle.

It’s as simple as that. We really think you are going to love our firewood pickup service. Learn more by calling 631-994-1211 today.

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