Before you worry about the math of mulch, ask this question: is mulch safe for dogs?

Depending on the type of mulch, it can be safe for pets that might come into contact with it. However, not all mulch is safe for pets. If you have dogs that spend time in the yard, yet pay no attention to the borders around your flower beds or trees, you need to understand the types of mulches to use around pets.

The right kinds of mulch and dogs can live happily together. Here’s what to know.

Say “No” to These Mulch Types

If you never thought about the consequences of mulch in the digestive system of your pooch, pay attention here. Some mulch materials can be toxic if ingested by your beloved pet.

Cocoa Mulch

It sounds delicious, but cocoa mulch contains theobromine, a toxin that’s dangerous for dogs. You’ll also find it in chocolate, and you never want your dog to eat chocolate. When suffering from theobromine poisoning, dogs can experience vomiting, diarrhea, panting, increased thirst, a racing heart, and excessive urination. If your dog ingests a large amount, symptoms can worsen and last for days.

Pine Needles

Look for mulch without pine needles, and avoid using pine needles as a primary layer around trees and in flowerbeds. Pine needles are sharp and cause damage to your dog’s digestive system when ingested.

These Mulches and Mutts Mix Well

While a dog can choke on any mulch, most wood mulches are safe for use around dogs. Choose from a variety of colors and shredded or chipped mulches.


Pine, hemlock, or cedar mulches are not toxic to pets. Because dogs will eat just about anything to test it out, make sure pets are never unsupervised around mulch. Ingesting too much mulch can cause internal blockage, or a small piece can get lodged in your pup’s throat.

Choose natural, untreated wood mulch to keep pets safe from the chemicals used in treated wood mulch. Also, be careful about colored mulch. Dyes are typically safe for pets to be around, but your dog might end up with a red mouth after chewing on red cedar mulch. 


It might seem like rubber mulch would be hazardous for pets, but it’s actually quite safe. Dogs love to chew things that have an odor, but most rubber mulches have no odor. Your dog might taste-test a pice of rubber mulch, but it’s unlikely they’ll eat a full meal.

As with wood mulch, beware of choking hazards with rubber mulch around your furry friend.

Is Mulch Safe for Dogs? An Expert Can Help

Is mulch safe for dogs? Your local mulch delivery experts can help you decide on the best type of mulch for your yard and your dogs. While we encourage you to keep mulched areas separated from where your dogs play, it’s not always possible to keep a curious pet out of a mulch bed.

We Supply Mulch Corp. can answer all of your questions about mutts and mulch! Contact us for mulch delivery in Nassau, Suffolk, or Queens counties.