The wood fired oven trend is in full effect with some restaurants producing 300 to 400 pizzas on a single weekend night. This high volume is partially thanks to a wood fueled oven that easily reaches temperatures of 800 degrees. Pizzas cook in 60 to 90 seconds.

Wood fired ovens can do much more than cook pizza. But to fuel all of this cooking, you need a steady supply of high-quality wood.

If you own a restaurant, wood delivery can benefit you in multiple ways.

The Cut of Wood You Need

You can’t use just any wood in your wood fired oven. Firewood delivery services can provide you with pizza oven wood.

Different cuts of wood will burn in different ways to give you the best cooking environment. Cooking and pizza cut wood will provide the longest and hottest burn. Its consistent sizing will make it easier for you to control the temperature and manage the burn.

Smoking chunks provide the most flavor and smoke to create that perfect BBQ flavor profile. The chunks are perfect for use in grills and smokers.

The Type of Wood You Need

There’s no denying that the wood you use in your oven makes a difference in the flavor infused in the food you’re cooking. You can choose different types of wood when you use a delivery service. This lets you stick with one wood variety or experiment with different combinations.

Pecan is a go-to for BBQ because of its bold smoky flavor. Cherry is great for grilling and works well as an applewood substitute.

Oak is a hardwood that will give you a slight smoking flavor that works well with a wide variety of dishes. Hickory gives off that distinct wood-burning crackle while infusing a beautifully light smoke flavor that pairs well with pork and wild game.

Cooking Freedom

With firewood delivery, you have the freedom to prepare a wide variety of foods. Use different cuts and types of wood to experiment with cooking a wide range of sophisticated dishes. Find the perfect combination of wood to complement the flavor profiles of these foods.

Consistent Supply

When you work with a reliable supplier, you can depend on a consistent supply of wood. No matter what your supply needs, you can arrange for regular deliveries. You can even arrange for your delivery to be neatly stacked in your chosen storage area.

This eliminates the need for you to source, transport, and store your firewood.

High-Quality Wood

Having to locate your own firewood means you can’t guarantee the quality. When you have a reliable supply, you can depend on the quality to be the best possible every time. This isn’t just any old firewood.

Each delivery is food grade firewood that is ready for use in a restaurant. It’s free of bugs and other contaminants.

Get the Right Wood Delivered for Your Wood Fired Oven

Having a wood fired oven in your kitchen will enhance your restaurant and keep you at the cutting edge of the restaurant industry. But to make your new wood based cooking a success, you need to have high-quality wood.

Firewood delivery will ensure you can craft high-quality food consistently. This will reduce your operating costs and improve your food quality output.

Contact us today and arrange for firewood delivery to your restaurant and experience the benefits for yourself.

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