It might surprise many people, as we enter summer, that firewood delivery is on our minds.

Even though everyone is making their summer plans (as best we can in the current world situation), we are planning on how to keep you toasty warm this coming fall and winter.

Why are we planning firewood delivery so far in advance?

One of the most important factors of providing quality wood for your wood-burning stove or fireplace is making sure we have an ample supply of seasoned firewood.

Seasoning firewood means letting as much of the moisture evaporate from the wood as possible. We work hard to provide our firewood delivery clients in Long Island with the highest quality seasoned wood possible. When wood is too wet, it does not burn efficiently and will not heat as well as seasoned firewood.

Of course, there is another option; kiln-dried firewood.

Can we deliver kiln-dried firewood?

We are excited to let you know that this season, we are planning on offering kiln-dried firewood. The great thing about drying firewood in a kiln is that we can generally dry a cord of wood in about 48 hours.

For our clients, kiln-dried firewood provides an excellent and consistent source of heat. Kiln-dried firewood lights quickly and burns efficiently and hot.

If you want to get kiln-dried firewood delivered to your Long Island home, contact us, and we can give you all of the details.

Is it too early to order firewood delivery?

Many of our clients ask us if the spring and summer times are too early to order firewood delivery. The short answer is: no, it’s not too early.

Many of our customers prefer to have firewood delivered in the summer, for a variety of reasons. Those reasons span the availability of their children who are on summer break and can use their time to stack the wood to people who want to make sure they have their supply ready for autumn and winter. We like it when people make firewood plans.

What is your next move?

If you are an existing customer, give us a call and let’s talk about when the best time would be for your first delivery for the upcoming year. If you are a new client, we are excited to have you; give us a call at 631-994-1211 so we can determine how many cords of firewood you’ll need to heat your home this winter.

Happy summer, everyone. Let’s hope we are all able to savor this season, and it doesn’t go by too quickly!