For many people, it’s difficult to imagine that we are into the fall season. It seems like 2020 went by in a weird, fast way.

And with the autumn upon us, so are the chilly nights and reminders that cooler temperatures are on the way. Quickly following those seasonably chilly days and nights is the cold bite of winter here in on Long Island.

One thing we realize is that everyone is busy and it can be easy to overlook things. Like when you suddenly realize that you are nearing the end of last year’s firewood and you need to replenish with a few cords. And you need it fast.

For years, we have been happy to offer among the fastest firewood delivery service on Long Island. When you call us for delivery of cut and split firewood you get a hassle-free experience.

Fast Seasoned Firewood Delivery

Many of our customers, our seasoned, dried firewood is the perfect way to heat their homes during the winter. Some people heat exclusively with firewood while others split the heating between heating oil and firewood.

Now Offering Kiln Dried Firewood

New this year, we are offering kiln dried firewood. This is firewood that has been specially processed in a kiln so that is it incredibly dry. This wood burns with a clean, hot flame and is a favorite of many homeowners, businesses, and restaurants.

No matter what your situation, if you need fast firewood delivery on Lond Island, We Supply is your natural fuel hook up.

Call us right now at (631) 994-1211 to schedule your delivery.