We live in an age of unprecedented technological advancement. We can do anything from selling stocks and shared to ordering a pizza and even dimming the lights from our smartphones. But even in this age of technological convenience, we often find that the oldest, simplest and most time-honored solutions are the best. 

Take heating your home, for instance. There are more home heating solutions than ever these days, from central heating powered by natural gas to electric combination boilers to plug-in paraffin heaters and even log-effect gas fires. Yet there’s something inherently beautiful, romantic, and comforting about a roaring fire made from real firewood logs. 

We deliver firewood to all areas of central Long Island, and we often hear from people in our own backyard. Our loyal clients who buy our firewood in Brentwood, NY tell us why they love heating their homes with wood. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people just love heating their homes with firewood. 

It’s timelessly cozy

As great as modern heating innovations are, there’s something timelessly cozy and comforting about gathering around a roaring real wood fire just like our ancestors did. When we’re surrounded by modern conveniences all day every day, access to any sort of nature makes us feel happier and more relaxed from house plants to real Firewood Logs. And when we’re sitting at a gorgeous wood fire, it just makes us feel warmer, cozier, and happier!

It’s sustainable and ethical

We’re all doing our bit to reduce our energy use. Not just because we want to better manage our household budgets. But because we care about the environment. While there are lots of eco-friendly and renewable energy deals on the market right now, a lot of the country’s energy mix is still made from burning fossil fuels. A wood fire is an ethical and sustainable alternative, with fewer natural resources used and less harmful emissions. Especially if you use Kiln Dried logs which produce much less smoke than other kinds of firewood. Plus, the wood-burning technology that’s built into many of today’s certified stoves goes a long way toward addressing the issue of air pollution caused by the burning of Firewood. No matter what kind of logs you use!

It can reduce your heating bills

There’s something extremely comforting about heating your home the old fashioned way. And you’ll feel especially comfortable when your next energy bill arrives! The more you use Firewood for Home Heating, the less reliant you are on energy from the grid. And that means you can enjoy lower bills and more disposable income. Especially since you can get quality firewood at awesome prices direct to your door.

Yes, that’s right…

You can get quality firewood delivered straight to your door!

Why go to the effort of lugging logs around and picking splinters out of your fingers, when we can do the hard work for you? At We Supply Long Island, we are your number one choice for Firewood Delivery across Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens counties. There’s no order too small or too big. We can deliver to any location and leave your logs in a designated spot for your convenience. We can even take care of stacking for you. 

So give your home or business the gift of a real wood fire in time for the holiday season. 

Don’t delay. Get in touch with us today! 

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