Kiln-drying is a process that removes the water content from wood that has been harvested recently. This means that the water content is a lot lower when compared with firewood that has been traditionally seasoned. This brings about a considerable number of benefits. Read on to discover more. 

What is kiln-drying?

The process of kiln-drying wood is vital because it lowers the moisture content of the wood, making it much more suitable for burning. But what actually is kiln-drying?

Well, there are several ways that wood can be dried. Air drying is one of the most popular. This involves the wood being left in an open-air environment until the moisture content reduces. 

Kiln-drying, on the other hand, involves the wood being dried in a kiln, which is a furnace. This process is more costly, yet it means that a precise humidity and temperature can be reached. This results in the perfect environment for delivering premium quality, efficient, easy to light, and low-moisture firewood

The green wood will be cut into pieces and then placed into a firewood kiln. They will dry at 200 – 250° F for a period of 48 to 72 hours. 

When air drying wood, you will never be able to reduce the moisture to this extent. Plus, it takes a very, very long time!


The benefits of kiln-dried firewood

Now that you have a better understanding of what kiln-dried firewood is, let’s take a look at the different benefits associated with going down this route:





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