Finding seasoned firewood on Long Island can be tricky. It’s actually pretty common for people to find us by searching for “firewood near me” on the internet or from their mobile phones.

Wherever you choose to buy wood, you need to make sure you get your firewood delivery from a reputable firewood supplier. If you don’t you run the risk of getting wet wood which will not burn clean and can cause problems for your stove or fireplace.

You want to make sure your firewood supplier can provide different types of firewood and that they sell firewood that is sustainably harvested.

Moreover, you might be looking for a firewood source that can sell you kiln-dried firewood that you can use in your wood-burning fireplace, your wood stove or for cooking in your wood-burning oven.

Our Long Island clients realize that getting quality firewood delivered to their homes, hotels, and restaurants is easier than picking up a couple of logs at the grocery store.

Firewood Delivery in Long Island

For more than 20 years, we have been delivering firewood throughout Long Island. We have regular clients in Nassau County and Suffolk County.

Our delivery process is easy to understand and can make things effortless for our customers. They simply call us to organize an amount of wood, on cords. We make sure they have enough space to store the wood and that we are placing the wood on something that can support the cord of wood’s weight.

From there, we organize a time for delivery and figure out if the customer would like the wood stacked. That’s right, we’ll go beyond the actual delivery and stack the wood for you at your home. This type of service is what we mean when we say that our firewood delivery to Long Island is effortless for our customers.

How much firewood do I need to be delivered?

This is a question with a different answer for each customer that gets firewood delivered. Some customers heat their entire homes with firewood for the duration of the winter season.

Others mix their heating with a combination of wood-burning and heating-oil.

And others still only want firewood to use to create an ambiance by burning the firewood in their fireplaces.

Each of these situations requires a different amount of wood. What we do best is ask the right questions to make sure we deliver the proper amount of firewood to you so that you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of heating with wood.

Is there an economic benefit to burning firewood?

You might be surprised to learn that you can save money over using heating oil to keep your house warm in the winter. In a recent informal study we conducted, we found that many people can save money by burning firewood to heat their homes. You can view that article here.

Ok, I live on Long Island and I found firewood delivery near me, what do I do next?

As we said above, we want your firewood delivery experience to be effortless. Start by giving us a call at 631-586-5007. We’ll ask a few questions to make sure we get everything right and before you know it, one of our professional firewood delivery specialists will be bringing your firewood to you.

Or, if you’d like (and have the right type of vehicle), you can come to our location and pick up your firewood. Remember, firewood is heavy and you have to have a truck that can handle the weight of the cord of wood. We wouldn’t want to see anything happen to your truck.

Our goal is to provide Long Island with the best quality, fastest delivered firewood available.